About us
The specialist for high quality products from Colombia.
Gelein Select Import B.V. (GSI) is the specialist for high quality products such as carnations, spray carnations, solomios and roses from Colombia. As is known, Colombia is the second largest flower exporting country in the world after the Netherlands.  GSI has many excellent breeders who provide us with their products a few times a week, in the well-known GSI sleeve.  

As soon as the products flown by KLM arrive, they are unpacked at out location in FloraHolland Aalsmeer and shipped to our customers. Don't hesitate to visit us to view our products. The Colombian coffee is ready! 
Painted carnations
Gelein Select Import has engaged in painted carnations for a number of years. Curious about our assortment? Then take a look at the webshop!

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